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Traditionally, accountants have only been called upon to assist in the year end submission work, e.g. to put together the year end financial documents and to help with corporate and individual tax affairs. Times have changed and so has the function of conventional accountants. Your accountant like Alexander Ene should now offer a variety of different products and services. 

Accounting management is an important element required to run a business successfully and is in charge of the financial situations of the business. Accounting management commonly consist of a profit and loss account, a balance sheet along with a cash flow; all of which can be used to review the economic performances of the business enterprise and also the financial position of the business by the end of a particular time period. This can then be used for advanced planning and to detect when things don’t go according to plan so remedial measures can be applied to minimise the consequences. 

VAT products and services: at first glance VAT seems uncomplicated and hassle-free; but there are the random scenarios that crop up that make it more complex. VAT policies are often modified and it is important to stay up-to-date to ensure the company does not fall foul of the policies. The punishment for inaccurate VAT Returns can be severe, penalty charges can be high and interests can soon add up. Due to the risks associated with wrong VAT Returns it is well worth entrusting this job to someone who is skilled, knowledgeable and up-to-date with current VAT rules and regulations. Most of these VAT services tend to be provided by a lot of accounting firms so if any help is needed with VAT affairs, a local accountant ought to be your first choice. 


Payroll: running a pay-roll department can take up a good chunk of time, even when there are only a handful of staff members. As well as this, you need to know how to assess payroll as well as the ability to process it on the payroll program. The majority of accounting companies offer payroll accounting services, whereby they get virtually all the important data, process the information as well as produce all the necessary administration reports, advise how much to pay to each employee, advise how much needs to be paid over to HM Revenue & Customs, as well as arrange the money to get transferred over automatically. The firm of accountants will take full responsibility of the payroll and will ensure it is completed swiftly, proficiently and properly for a small charge, of course. To get more information on this area of accountancy services, try this out

Debt products and services: if the business hits crisis, there is no other option but to place it straight into formal administration. There are many accounting firms that deliver this particular service, and help you with the formal winding up of the business, as well as paying off all the outstanding bad debts, as far as doable. However, you may find that the firm you have a business relationship with has hit difficult times and is now pressured into liquidation. In such circumstances the insolvency team is going to fight your corner and make sure you receive all that is owed to you and your business. 

Corporate financial expert services: corporate finance is a specialised area and a broad task which includes preparing cash flow predictions and economic projections, organising investment proposals, assisting with loans applications, business disposals, small business acquisitions as well as business appraisals amongst others. 

Business bookkeeping: an accounting company will offer comprehensive bookkeeping services, including maintaining the sales ledger, maintaining the purchase ledger and bank control account. A lot of accounting firms will now provide bookkeeping as online accounting products.  

The above displays the wide range of products and services the majority of experienced accounting firms now offer. Whilst the most common types of expert services are mentioned, the above is not the whole list of things a local accounting firm can provide. It is clear to see that the role of accountants has developed significantly so the modern-day accountant is now a business advisor who can deal with the compliance function, assist you and your firm with the year end accounts and tax affairs, as well as assist you with many other aspects of the business enterprise. 

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