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The best way to Increase Traffic to Your Website, - 20 aug 2013 av i tags1, as i lay dying

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Easy Methods to Drive Traffic to your own Online Shop

When setting up your own Web business, whether it be Etsy, e-bay, Amazon, etc; most people are worried about store views. And you should be! You have to develop your brand by having your name and merchandises out to the people, before you can make any sales. Here are just a couple of easy approaches to guide traffic to your own store or website (Most are FREE!!!!)

This really is merely a brief review of simple and free ways to QUICKLY raise views, hoopla, and traffic to your own store. I have used these approaches for Etsy, e-bay with great success; give a go to them!!!

This Website allows you to really add "pages" which will likely be found by other members of Stumble upon by their interests. It's possible for you to add the URL of your Home page, a listing, or a section of your store (just about anything you need!)

You can even add as many Tags as you like- which will get the page to more people.

Lastly, you can selected the kind of the page (fashion, shopping, advertising, etc)

Also; explore the site- it is pretty amazing! For those who have at any time used Pandora Radio- it could be the exact same. Except None of these - and with the Internet commercials!

This really is an awesome FREE resource that'll help you get immediate views!


Blogging is a wonderful way to achieve target markets; is free and has an astounding dash where you can monitor your statistics (Views, Readers, etc).

There's also,,, an such like. Leap into a few should you believe you are ready- just remember... rate yourself, as it can certainly take lots of time to preserve one, not to mention three!

Throw several links to your store on the website; as it might turn people away - but DO NOT over advertise. So free potential customers due to it and many people over advertise.

Blog about what you understand, and help it become useful for readers. In case your info isn't useful; the readers will in all probability not return to it!

Check out one, examine the waters, and determine what website site is best suited for you

3. Business Cards

If you're able to set these cards in their own places ask local businesses. I regularly leave a couple of close to the check out of ANY store (gas stations, food markets, retail, actually everywhere).

In Addition, tell your family and friends, give a couple of cards to them too. This can develop your brand a little slower, but will grow hype about also your store and you locally.

4. Pintrest is a great site to use in case you have photos everywhere on your website (hubpages,, your own domain name, etc).

You too can easily pin any photos of goods that you may have on your online shop (e-bay, etsy, amazon, an such like)

create a few Boards on Pinterest, pin pictures that link to your content, and research other boards on Pinterest. Many have had tremendous success with Pinterest.

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