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Review of 2015’s Use of Mobile Accessories - 28 jan 2016 av i computer peripherals, mobile accessories, review of 2015 m fl

Market analysis on mobile accessories has been conducted for years when the industry has greatly grew and developed along with the encompassing influence of mobile technology. On the year 2015, the market for mobile accessories just continued to grow and is expected to continue growing as modernization becomes advanced and human nature gradually depends on mobile phones. 

The largest shift in mobile accessories market marked by The Peterson Group, distributor of mobile phone accessories and laptop peripherals in Taiwan is due to the fact that mobile phones is eventually becoming a necessity and the intelligent capabilities and features provided for by new innovation. Asia now has a largest market for mobile accessories led by the People’s Republic of China, New Delhi, India and Jakarta, Indonesia. These three countries are also included in the list of metropolitan cities to have the largest population and mobile subscription. 

According to further reviews, the  mobile  accessories  market  has  changed  dramatically  during  the  last  12   months,  since  consumers  have  largely  adopted  smartphones,  and  apps  download  has  become  a  popular  behavior.  It  is  no  longer  a  market  of  cases   and  skins  but  of  smart  devices  supported  by  intelligent  apps.     With  the  increased  use  of  mobile  apps , new  opportunities  lie  for   hardware  accessories  that  complement  the  mobile  device.  Mobile  accessories   can  now  provide  smart  solutions  that  were  not  available  before:  location   tracking,  sensors  and  monitoring  devices  are  put  together  to  allow  smarter   management  systems  for  homes,  transportation,  fitness  and  health  care. Even fraudulent copies of cases and monopods sold in black markets have shown smart applications albeit easily defected. 

In a different study, tops reasons for the use of mobile phones are as follows: 

1.            Protection 

The high value of smartphones, to the point of it being necessary equipment for communication and daily living makes it rational for consumers to invest in the protection it provides. 

2.            Charging 

Included in the complaints on the phones today is its charging capabilities. It seems that today’s phones drain faster than it did ten years ago. The main culprit for this is the increasing number of applications installed in phones which can take a lot of power to load. Accessories offer different solutions such as wireless charging through power banks and alternative power sources. 

3.            Entertainment  

 Last 2015, we have witnessed a great use of mobile phones which enhances our smartphones capabilities. Its visual and audio features are even upgraded to provide a more developed entertainment quality.

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