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Eftersom samhalnthag inte orkat med att skriva något om sig själv, passar vi på att visa några underbara annonser här istället:

Top Golf Shirts For Women - 14 nov 2014 av samhalnthag som

Golf shoes It is rightly said that in a good golf swing starts with a good pair of golf shoes. All parts of your body have to be in alignment while playing a perfect golf... Läs mer »

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Ladies Golf Wear: What To Wear To The Golf Course? - 14 nov 2014 av samhalnthag som

Most people think that polo and golf shirts are the same type. That’s partially true in the sense that polo shirts are frequently used as golf shirts as well. What many p... Läs mer »

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How To Have Fun Choosing A Golf Shirt - 14 nov 2014 av samhalnthag som

For golfers, it’s never too early to begin thinking about next year, especially in terms of equipment. That includes golf balls. Talk all you want about MOI (moment of in... Läs mer »

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