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I am a designer by profession specializing in website, blogs, minisite, banners, ecovers and flash designs. I create hundreds of graphic works for my clients all over the world. I'm also fond of photography and travelling and an active blogger.
You can find more details of my work and articles at

Cheap Graphics Design: Is it good for websites? - 5 jun 2010 av sahamedia09 i teknik, internet

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Pictures or cheap graphical representations can never become a substitute to your actual content. They cannot assist you in acquiring a rank in the search engines. Apply ... Läs mer »

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Minisites increase online sales - 1 jun 2010 av sahamedia09 i minisite, graphics, banner m fl

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How people are earning millions of dollars through simple mini-sites or direct response websites selling unique products' worldwide? Know The Role of Graphics for knittin... Läs mer »

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Bästa Affiliate Programmen Gambling - 1 jun 2010 av Anders456 i affiliate, marknadsföring, gambling m fl

Att marknadsföra spel på internet kan vara mycket lönsamt. Konkurrensen är visserligen stenhård men marknaden är mycket stor och den kommer att växa snabbt i många år fra... Läs mer »

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One minisite can be enough for online sales - 27 maj 2010 av sahamedia09 i minisite design, banner design, ecover design m fl

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Know the success secrets of minisites. Get knowledge about what elements constitute minisites and how to promote your business through minisites.

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