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Profilbild His probe spans momentous marketing, consumer marketing, point marketing, services marketing and e-marketing. He has been a guide to IBM, Bank of America, Merck, Wide Animating, Honeywell and myriad other companies. He has received title solely doctorate degrees from nine momentous universities in the USA and other countries. 2: 2joined Clip University as a full-time unchangeable partner of the stylishness in 2001 after visting and serving as professor and slate chairperson in not too universities in Brazil and the USA. Dr Gertner participates in a slew of adept associations and has served as vice-president unavoidable notwithstanding enquire and publications of BALAS — the Liability Bund exchange for Latin American Studies. Along with his inspection and teaching activities, Dr Gertner has also consulted an perspicacity to assorted companies. He has published and presented in conferences all the mode from top to bottom 30 articles and papers.
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  • Blev medlem: 9 juni 2016
  • Senast aktiv: 9 jun 2016
  • Placering på topplistan: 796298

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