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CNC MACHINING PROCESSING TECHNIQUES FOR RAPID PROT - 1 mar 2017 av cherishjoo i cnc rapid prototype

CNC Rapid Prototype has its own complexity and the limitations and the main problem lies in the ineffective/flaw/defect of architecture technics and the object-oriented c... Läs mer »

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Is 3D printing out of date? 4D printing makes thin - 1 mar 2017 av cherishjoo i 3d printing, 4d printing

In addition to 3D printing, which has three-dimensional structure, 4D printing adds a new dimension, which is TIME, which means things printed by 4D printing can no longe... Läs mer »

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Plastic Prototypes Using Silicone Rubber Molds - 25 feb 2017 av cherishjoo i plastic prototypes, silicone rubber mold

Below is a brief instruction on how to use silicone rubber moulds to cast high-quality urethane plastic parts and it comes with the below five steps: Create Master Pa... Läs mer »

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