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East Sky is not only committed to superior product quality but also to excellent customer service.

Promotional Classic USB Flash Drives - 11 dec 2013 av SZeastsky i promotional usb flas, pen drive, mini usb flash drive m fl

Promotional classic USB flash drives are very popular among companies.East Sky is specialized in manufacturing promotional USB sticks. Personalized customizations are ava... Läs mer »

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East Sky USB Flash Drives - 6 dec 2013 av SZeastsky i usb flash drive, pen drive, mini usb flash drive m fl

East Sky Industry Co.,Limited. is specialized in manufacturing USB flash drive, memory card, power bank, etc., which is a OEM factory. So personalized customizations are ... Läs mer »

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Stylish Toshiba Mini USB Stick 4GB - 4 dec 2013 av SZeastsky i usb stick 4 gb, flash drive capacity, usb stick m fl

Toshiba USRG-004GS USB stick 4 GB is a slim and stylish shape USB flash drive with a 4 GB flash drive capacity. The reading and writing speeds are up to 15 MB/S and 6 MB/... Läs mer »

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