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I am a history student currently living in India. I love to read and write. I am also interested in sports and shopping. I like to watch adventure movies. You can click the button below, to visit my blog.

Rural Reconstruction Essay for Students - 25 maj 2020 av MirajMustafa1 i essay

Gandhiji said that India lives primarily in villages. But when we talk of India's progress or achievement, we only think of the standard of living in cities. Consequentl... Läs mer »

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Rashtrakutas - Shout out to Students - 25 maj 2020 av MirajMustafa1 i samhälle, kultur, humor m fl

Rashtrakutas blog discusses various topics for Bengali students. Examples are history, science, geography, political science, essay, letter and much more. We discuss thes... Läs mer »

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