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Peter DjJunior Anderberg is a 29 year old DJ from Malmoe, Sweden.
He has been a full time DJ for 11 years.

His musical journey started early in school as a drummer in the local school band. When that career was over, clubbing and club music got a hold of him. He wanted to find another way of delivering music to the crowd.

Without producing or selling own music and entirely on his own qualifications, he have managed to become one of the biggest and quickest growing amateur DJ-names in Sweden.
With great love for the music and the crowd, combined with a strong will, talent and playfulness behind the record players, Junior has already at a young age been able to create many crazy nights around Scandinavia.

As the winner of the biggest DJ-competition in Sweden called Movida Corona he finally got the breakthrough he have worked so hard for. It gave him a place in the Grand Finale in Austria to represent Sweden and out of 12 DJ's from 12 countries he scored a 4th place plus earning a lot of great feedback from the Pacha people that were involved. This gave him the opportunity to remix a track earlier released on Pacha Recordings by Richard Grey. A collaboration was made between him and a close DJ friend, Joel Smiel, resulting in a remix called Thrilling the Debuty (Junior and Smiel Remix) set to be released in early 2009.

So watch out for the journey of DjJunior as he is reaching to a bigger platform of music delivery and hopefully you will soon be a part of this journey, sharing it with him.

Grym mashup - 26 apr 2011 av DjJunior i musik

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Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers Vs Adele – Blow Up In The Deep (Southside House Collective Mashup)

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Six Feet Under - 26 mar 2010 av DjJunior i musik

NY WMC version

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Southside House Collective pres. IAN.C (We Love.. - 8 jan 2010 av DjJunior i babel, fest, ianc m fl

Kan bli årets fest..

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Six Feet Under - Out Now - 15 dec 2009 av DjJunior i itod, jj, junior

Gillar du det, varför inte supporta det..

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Six Feet Under - Spotify - 15 dec 2009 av DjJunior i itod, jj, junior

Ta o lyssna o tyck till..

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Pryda Vs Dirty South & Sebastian Ingrosso - 17 okt 2009 av DjJunior i musik

En lite annorlunda mashup hoppas ni tycker den e fett

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iTod, Junior & J.J Feat MissuM - Six feet under - 7 okt 2009 av DjJunior i musik

vår senaste låt som snart släpps..

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Swedish House Mafia: A Thank You - 7 okt 2009 av DjJunior i kultur, musik

SHM avslutnings tack från IBIZA

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Junior & J J’s Birthday Bash.. - 7 okt 2009 av DjJunior i kultur, musik

Vår gryma video från vår fest på Babel i malmö

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Dj Spectre - 7 okt 2009 av DjJunior i musik

En ny grym remix från spectre

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Googles nya giv - operativsystem för x86-datorer - 17 jul 2009 av DjJunior i chrome-os, google

På tiden :) Chrome OS

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Laidback Luke - 29 jun 2009 av DjJunior i laidback-luke

En intressant video på hur Laidback Luke jobbar i sin studio.. enkelt kan ibland vara bra :)

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3406 mord i New York - 23 jun 2009 av Glimman i dråp, mord, newyork m fl

Statistik och karta som ger en bild över mord/dråp i New York mellan 2003 - 2009

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SHC @ Malmö City Beach Challenger - 24 jun 2009 av DjJunior i malmo-city-beac, southside-house

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Southside House Collective @ Malmö City Beach Challenger

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HD video filmad med iPhone 3GS - 10 jun 2009 av Pete i 3gs, apple, hd m fl

HD video filmad med iPhone 3GS. Även smakprov på hur foton blir med den nya 3 megapixelskameran.

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