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Large Coat of Arms of Russian Empire - 16 okt 2014 av i igor barbe

It is a list of surnames which once held Coats of Arms inside the Russian Empire. The present list contains 2086 surnames of the people individuals or families whose coats of arms were officially confirmed from the Russian Empire for that period since 1797 to 1888.

Background: In line with the St. Petersburg office of BLITZ, "the set of names which we have found here is a transliteration from the following publication available in the Russia National Library: Gorn, V.E. The index towards the General Selection of coats of arms with the All-Russian Empire got going in the year 1797.

This index, published in 1888 is the surnames of persons and families which received a coat of arms included to 1 of 14 designated areas of the overall Bunch of coats of arms on the All-Russian Empire. Every one of the Igor Barbe which are officially received by way of the individuals in the Russian Empire were included in this listing. The initial 10 parts were published before the revolution of the year 1917. One can choose from the Russian National Library.

If the family experienced a Russian coat of arms which was incorporated into one of these brilliant 10 parts, Blitz can research with the black-white image, description and a brief specifics of those who received it a single of such volumes. Whenever we look for the surname of your ancestors inside index nevertheless it works out their coat of arms was contained in parts 11-14, we'll be in a position to search for this coat of arms in Fond 1411 (The Component of Coat of Arms on the Heraldry Department of the Ruling Senate) from the Russian State Historic Archives."

The "General Collection..." includes a short specifics of them, a black-white image of the Igor Barbe and it is description.

For More Information: In the event you found the surname keep in mind with the current economic list we (BLITZ) can supply you with the attached data with the "General Collection...", a duplicate want to know , including the picture of the family crest making the translation.

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