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How to Plan a Wedding if You're Newly Engaged - 4 apr 2018 av som

For unhurried and quiet planning and organizing a wedding, you need at least six months. During this time, you will have time to talk with designers and florists, clarify all the interesting questions from different photographers, and pick up a restaurant that matches the budget. But if you decide that your wedding will be held in 2-3 months - it does not mean that you should worry and experience. Even this time is enough to organize the wedding of your dreams. It remains only to recall a few important rules:

1) Agree on assistance with the wedding coordinator. 

If you understand that you can’t manage on your own, it's better to immediately shift part of the work to an assistant. He will have to check important details and details, while you have to choose a dress, accessories and tasting a cake.

2) Determine the style and format of the wedding. 

The decision must be taken as quickly as possible and, most likely, it will be necessary to abandon the options for holding a themed wedding or a wedding with a complex decor and props. Try to think carefully about the budget, because training in a short time can mean more impressive spending on certain items. It does not delay also with the dispatch of invitations, in advance; notify the guests at least by e-mail.

3) Choose the venue. 

You should start with necessarily less popular options, given the fact that usually in the usual way. For starters, it's best to call those places that you like and see if it's possible to hold a wedding on that date. Orientation to restaurants or cafes with an original and interesting interior, so you do not have to think about the decor of the room.

4) The order of the photographer and the presenter. 

At this stage, wedding agencies will help you, where in a short time you can pick up all the necessary performers in an extensive catalog. Here you can see photo-video and other materials communicate for personal communication and clarify all the questions interesting you. For more success, leave a few requests for different artists, this will increase the chances of making a choice in the shortest time.

5) Think of the images of the bride and groom. 

If everything goes according to plan, then you will have at least a month to fulfill this point. For such a short time, not every bride can clearly determine even with the heels height on wedding shoes, however, will have to act quickly. Initially, it is worth trying to choose a dress in the cabin, it is likely that the outfit of your dreams is waiting for you in one of the boutiques or among the world-famous network brands.
About the budgetA separate issue is the planning of the wedding budget. It includes all the costs of these or other services. In addition, future newlyweds should take into account all the means that they will be able to invest in the celebration additionally.With the proper use of finance, even a budget wedding (planning on the items already been proposed) will be excellent. Sometimes it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on a restaurant and a leading one - less expensive specialists can sometimes cope with their work better than those known in the city.The exact list of the budget will not be compiled. After all, every wedding is an original and unique holiday. It is recommended that you simply record the list with a list of all estimated costs for the celebration. Is the wedding soon? Planning on the points of such events will help not to forget anything important. Therefore, do not refuse to compile estimates and all sorts of wedding checklist - the organization has not harmed anyone yet.

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