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Huangzhao Jing, 43 years old, Conghua, used to be an electrician, began in 2005 when the security. Source: Southern Television today first-line . newspaper enthusiastic readers first call to rebellion hotline to provide clues reporter to the Haizhu District police to provide clues they confirm his confirmation director of the police station to find Huang Zhaojing It is to save people who should be no me. reporter Lu Jian Luan, Huang Kuan Wei, Linxia Hong correspondent Deng Li, the Wu Qiong yesterday, this newspaper front page 4-year-old boy was armed with a knife hijacked Jiangnanxi after a passer-to raid quietly left the deeds of criminals rescue. The reported hot lead to the city, the readers are very concerned about the sharp-eyed readers provide clues to the newspaper Mr CHIM said he Haizhu District, a security guard, you see the picture of the newspaper, the feeling of clothes and looks a lot like its own a boss - the vice-captain of the South West security squadrons Huang Zhaojing,MLB Jerseys, but picture rather ambiguous, it is difficult to confirm, he call the newspaper's hotline at 1 o'clock noon. received the news, the reporter immediately contact with the South West police station,NFL Jerseys, and at the same time provide the clues to the Haizhu District Public Security Bureau, ask them to verify. After about half an hour, the police response,NBA Jerseys, Huang Zhaojing admitted the day before had to participate in Jiangnanxi uniforms of hostage-taking criminals,MLB Jerseys. yesterday afternoon 4 pm 30 minutes South West Street, Haizhu District Office held a press conference,Jerseys Oultet, Huang Zhaojing rescue after and quietly left the scene of the ins and outs of memories. South West is well known for the harmonious neighborhoods in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, won national street Star, the title of national best streets, national advanced unit of spiritual civilization construction work, Guangzhou City Civilization Unit. The Huang Zhaojing is the vice-captain of the South West security sq

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    uadrons, he was here when the seven-year security, Chih-yung, Huang Zhaojing said,the public, Mr. Zhan provide timely clues to help us find Provide clues to thank them for their strong support, encourage avid readers, the newspaper will reward Mr. Zhan 1000 yuan reward Wang 1,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan reward Miss Peng. youngster by unidentified men armed with knives hijacked a man from behind the raid robbers hold a knife i  


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