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custom wrought iron melbourne - 15 jan 2019 av som

Our InspirationOur inspiration is drawn from our customers. There is no requirement for us to focus on particular elements to know what wrought iron furniture, garden or inside object to create – we simply listen to our customers. It is all about understanding what each customer needs and translating this into an outdoor fire pit, an outdoor bench, a tree guard, wrought iron gates or other furniture for the garden or inside your home. We hand forge the entire components for the garden arbour and objects and spend the time to understand what you are trying to achieve with your garden or home custom wrought iron melbourne
 .Our ideas are based around the individual needs of our customers. We know that each customer has their own set of tastes and their own style. Red Hill Wrought Iron tap into this before beginning work on any piece of art.SatisfactionOur customers’ joy is what we look forward to when we present them with their outdoor fire pit, tree guard or other outdoor or indoor furniture piece or install it for them in the garden or home. We take great pride in preparing our hand made objects and are satisfied when we know it will go to good use.A Lasting ImpressionRed Hill Wrought Iron aim to make a lasting impression with all hand forged pieces, from an outdoor bench to other garden furniture. Naturally, we want our customers to enjoy their art for years to come. We also want our customers’ family and friends to enjoy it when they come to visit.Art creates a meaningful conversation. There is nothing more enjoyable than hearing about what people have to say about our art.The Red Hill Wrought Iron WayOur process is simple – we aim to meet your needs when we design and make outdoor furniture or a piece for inside the home. This is what we are all about:Step 1 – Meet and Greet Initially, we find out what outdoor garden furniture or piece for inside your home you wish us to hand forge. This is the initial briefing stage, where we capture your personal taste and interests, plus the style you are hoping to achieve.Step 2 – It’s A Visual Effect A sketch of the art is completed for the customer to review.Step 3 – Ready, Set, Go!The art making process begins.Step 4 – It’s All Yours Red Hill Wrought Iron present you with your art or position it at your location. We hope you like it!

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