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information technology? - 1 jul 2020 av i bangladesh enter 202

The new decade has started with all the new possibilities in the technology sector. The new decade is named the Fourth  technological revolution . The version is named 4.0. Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh also see this point as a possible. In the meantime, Bangladesh is moving forward rapidly with the assistance of varied organizations within the software sector. This speed is predicted to extend over time.Many innovative initiatives of Bangladesh are appreciated and rewarded outside the country as well. Outside the country, the software makers have brightened the face of Bangladesh. During this regard, the steps taken by this government in the field of data technology to create a 'digital Bangladesh' have played a helpful role.The government has extended IT services not only within the cities but also beyond the district and upazila headquarters to villages and even remote and inaccessible areas. The Bangladesh Association of Software and Knowledge Services (BASIS) is working together with the govt to implement Digital Bangladesh.Regarding the event of Bangladesh during this sector, Secretary General of the Planet Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) James Pogents said that WITSA has chosen Dhaka for the planet Conference as Bangladesh is doing well and attaching great importance thereto. Bangladesh has 'Vision: 2021' through which the country is moving forward in ICT.He further said that the key to the success of any country is leadership. Bangladesh has it. Within the face of the Fourth technological revolution, Bangladesh's information technology sector has emphasized various infrastructural developments, including the event of skilled human resources.In this regard,communication technology (ICT) sector is ১০ 1 billion. The target is to extend this income to 500 million by 2021. We are decentralizing technology. For this, 28 high-tech parks are found across the country. the sole desire of all people here is to use technology for socio-economic development  Five-G technology will come to the people at the start of the new decade. This technology will be available handy with various tasks like AI, robotics and large data analysis. That is, skilled workers are going to be needed. Within the next decade, more and more innovative technologies will come and create new jobs, and lots of traditional jobs could also be closed.For this, it is necessary to make up-to-date skilled workers. that's what the software workers of our country do. Genex Infosys, Synesis IT, BrainStation, Ixora, BJIT, Pridesis, Systech Digital, BRACIT, MySoft, MediaSoft, Ira Infotech, Nesenia, Tikon, People 'n Tech, NITS, TCVS, TechVic Modern companies like Technologies are creating such skilled human resources .Gopal Debnath, director of MediaSoft Data Systems Limited, said he has been working within the country's software sector for quite 20 years. His organization features a multifaceted role within the digitization or automation of the retail sector.Gopal Debnath said that there is a singular potential for local software within the software market. We work with alittle a part of it. So as to create a digital Bangladesh, it is important to incorporate small and medium entrepreneurs within the software through various incentives. we've maneuvered forward by adding new technology. We are performing on new technologies and new initiatives, especially Industry 4.0. Because, there's immense potential during this Sector. Gopal Debnath said that the local software market within the country, including raising awareness on the event of the local youth within information technology education is emphasized.Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Work is underway to develop freelancers as entrepreneurs through training within the BASIS initiative. People n Tech has been working in Bangladesh for an extended time to provide IT based training. This organization works to create skilled human resources at different levels. consistent with Abubakar Haneep, founder and CEO of individuals n Tech, the govt is able to do its billion 5 billion dream of exporting software and services by 2021. we'd like to make such a trained workforce and export more and more service products. Monwar Iqbal, director of Pridesis IT, is functioning on blockchain and AI services within the country. He said ERP software made by his Pridesis it's getting used in countries like Madagascar, Fiji and Indonesia. he's also performing on technologies like AI, Blockchain, which is predicated in Thailand. He thinks such technology will reign for the next decade.Experts in the IT sector say that this decade will not be limited to only launching IT products and services. New and more advanced technology will always come. The old product service is going to be replaced by the updated product service soon. In line with this, product capabilities are going to be further enhanced in smartphone capabilities, broadband internet, cloud computing, quantum computing, real-time speech recognition, nanocomputers, wearable devices and near field communication, cyber security, smart cities, internet.The development of cloud computing and quantum computing is predicted to vary the horizons of the world's information technology during this decade. Experts are now talking strongly about the introduction of 3D printing and biometrics. How new devices, strategies and trends are being introduced and developed at a huge rate in online activities now

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