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Adventurers Love To Explore Kashmir - 5 aug 2013 av i travelling, kashmir tour, tourism

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Kashmir –the only valley of Asia which is finest and wonderful tour place blessed with unlimited natural beauty .No doubt all travelers and adventurers know it as breathe taking beauty.Entirly mountainous, mountains covered by snow, rivers and fresh water lakes which really attracts adventure lovers to trek, mountaineering, white water rafting which makes tourist lovers of the natural beauty of the valley. Srinagar city is an ancient city of j&k state which attracts the tourist lies with famous dal lake with charming houseboats .Staying in houseboats is unique experience for tourists and its is made up of wood with Kashmir wood art and having all the facilities less than any hotel .Nevertheless all houseboats are pride of dal lake and categorized with different categories like deluxe, super deluxe etc.Tourist get really highly made to order services. The houseboats are really overwhelmed by beautiful environment.Staying in Dal Lake in houseboats is the desire of every traveler who visits Kashmir .Tourist comes from the different countries of the word without any hesitation because trip to Kashmir is not difficult from any corner of the country with the help of travel operators, providing different tailored tour packages and makes one dream to visit paradise true.The beauty of Kashmir makes the words of Jahangir very true who entitled this valley as paradise of earth when he visited this seventh heaven .Nowadays some adventurers call it as meadow of fields, gold and flowers by its places like sonmarg, gulmarg and pahalgam like places.However this paradise have been effected by lots of dogmatic and restricted problems but not could effected the love of Kashmir towards tourists and they come to again and again to visit the incredible land .The situation what ever is in Kashmir, the best way to call and popularly known this places as paradise of the universe. This place had attention-grabbing places to visit .The tourist and adventurers mostly visit this heaven and book tour packages to Kashmir, these packages will provide to change and opportunity to visit this paradise land and experience the best travel places of Kashmir.Many travel agents provide several and travel itinerates and providing some best and luxury hotels and cars and never mind to ask for budget range requirements .The best way to explore this valley is to ask for best travel guide  to Kashmir to your tour operators  and experience and feel the nature of paradise .Major tourist places in Kashmir valley which attracts the attention of tourists those high peak mountains, manicured landscapes, verdant landscapes, gardens and pilgrimage sites and tourist can discover all theses places with Kashmir tour packages and these packages include car rental services, hotel booking, huts and makes you trip much comfortable .

Make sure when you come to Kashmir take warm clothes as well because the weather almost changes here at any time and temperature decreases in minus like gulmarg and pahalgam like hill stations. so thay one can fully enjoy the glimpse of the valley .

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